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Commonly asked Excel topics in our classes.

Presented below is a log of our Microsoft Excel tips. The topics covered in the tips are the ones that we commonly answer in our Microsoft Excel training.

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How to Drag and Fill Using the Right Mouse Button

Microsoft Excel Tip

When dragging and filling down a worksheet, everybody knows to left mouse click hold on the bottom right-hand side dot (i.e. fill handle) of a range selection and drag. Depending upon the contents of the selection, Excel will fill a series of the values when possible or copy and paste down the drag selection. However next time, after selecting the range to drag, right mouse click hold over the fill handle and drag the selection. When you release the mouse, a short cut menu will appear prompting you with options. This will depend upon the contents of the cell. Picture below, a single date in a cell, a serial date number, was dragged down the worksheet using the right mouse button. At the end of the drag and releasing the mouse button, options appear to ask you how you want to sequence the date. Very handy.

Group Worksheets

Right mouse click hold over fill handle and drag. Select from shortcut menu.

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