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Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Training for Mac

Microsoft Excel for Mac and Microsoft Excel VBA for Mac

Hands-on, experience driven Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA training for Mac.

  • We provide Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training services for Mac.
  • Mac users are always welcome in all EMAGENIT Excel classes.
  • We design Excel software for the Mac > so we know its capabilities and quirks.

Our History with Apple.

EMAGENIT has taught the Apple corporation on several occasions at their Cupertino, CA campus. EMAGENIT supplied both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA training on the Mac for Apple staff. EMAGENIT has also designed Microsoft Excel VBA software for Apple corporation that works on the Mac and in Windows. Our training with Apple as well as our software development for them has helped us develop useful Excel strategies and methods for the Mac that will help you accomplish your tasks.

Apple and EMAGENIT

Our history with NASA and Excel for Mac.

To say that NASA is a user of the Mac is a colossal understatement. Over the course of 20 years, EMAGENIT has had the privilege of both training NASA personnel on how to use Excel VBA on the Mac as well as develop Excel VBA software on the Mac for them. In particular, EMAGENIT along with its NASA counterparts, helped design conceptual software for the Mars Rovers that had to work in both Excel for Windows as well as Excel for Mac. You can read more about our NASA Mars Rover project here >.

Our design experiences on that project as well as our other NASA training ventures have helped us with the practical applications of using Excel for Mac in the science and engineering fields.

NASA Microsoft Excel VBA Project - Rovers

Innovative, detailed Microsoft Excel training for the Mac.

In our Excel for Mac training, we discuss in detail the strategies and methods that you need to know to push the Mac to its fullest non-macro capabilities. An experienced Excel developer will lead you through formatting, formulas, PivotTables, charts, controls, Excel tables,... the list goes on and on. We not only show you how to use Excel's most important features, we show you how to combine them to make the incredible Excel tools that your business can exploit. Along the way, we also discuss the Excel quirks that stop you dead in your tracks and the workarounds. Our training even discusses designing Excel files that run in Windows and the Mac.

We consider our Microsoft Excel training for the Mac to be everything that does not relate to Excel VBA macros covering from beginning to advanced Excel topics. We cover Excel for Mac in our public >, virtual learning > and onsite > training.

General Excel for Mac Training

Microsoft Excel VBA training for the Mac redefined.

Our Excel VBA training shows you hands-on how to automate the Excel for Mac environment with VBA macros. Based on our actual 24+ years of building Excel VBA software, we will take you from beginning to the most advanced Excel VBA topics with ease. Heck we can even can show you how to integrate Apple Script with VBA allowing you to command your Mac.

In our Excel VBA for Mac training, an experienced Excel VBA software developer will lead you step-by-step through the various key VBA programming strategies that was use to develop Excel for Mac software. Our training will show you not only the VBA programming methods, but how to assemble Excel's various components to create polished programs in the Mac environment. Excel VBA for Mac topics are covered in our public >, Virtual Learning > and onsite training >.

Excel VBA for Mac Training

A few things to know about Excel VBA for Mac.

Please note that the most recent version of Excel for Mac has finally upgraded its Excel VBA Editor. This means you now have the debugging tools used in Excel for Windows.

They have yet to make userform construction available in Excel for Mac. You can however debug and edit the code behind the userform.

Get Excel for Mac 2011. If you can, it is highly recommended that you keep or get Excel for Mac 2011 on your computer if developing userforms. Different Excel for Mac versions can exist on the same computer as EMAGENIT does just that. The concept is to develop userforms in 2011 and then run the code in later Excel for Mac versions. We can teach you the coding differences, there are some things to be aware of.

Excel for Mac 2011

How we teach Excel for Mac and Excel for Windows at once.

When we are running our public event workshops and live online courses, we toggle between two computers in class to cover both the Mac and Windows differences where necessary. A lot of times, simple verbal instruction is sufficient to deal with minor issues. When performing our Excel for Mac training as an onsite, we will exclude the Windows only VBA components from the instruction unless otherwise instructed.

No matter how complex the Excel VBA material covered, you will find a thorough easy to follow answer in our training no matter the topic. In our Mac training, we also cover transferring Excel VBA projects between Windows and the Mac and what works in the code and what has to be changed.

Excel VBA for Mac Training
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