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Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Webinar Training

Excel | Excel VBA Webinars

Our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Webinar training is broadcast live and is taught "hands-on". We can broadcast our Excel Training anywhere in the world at any time. We can also use our webinars for your company onsite training. Call us for more details at 1.805.498.7162.
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Public Seminar Training

Excel | Excel VBA Seminars

Our Microsoft Excel Seminar and Microsoft Excel VBA Seminar training is taught "hands-on" and is also broadcast live as a webinar. Our workshops are never canned and are adjusted to our customers training needs during class.
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Onsite Training

Excel | Excel VBA Onsites

Our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Company Onsite training is customized for our customers particular Microsoft Excel needs. They are taught "hands-on" and can also be broadcast live as a webinar anywhere at any time.
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Training Schedule

Excel | Excel VBA Training Schedule

View all of our Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training offerings. Our workshops are presented as hands-on public seminars or can be broadcast live as a webinar to anywhere in the world.
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA Training Self-Study Manuals

Excel | Excel VBA Manuals

View all of our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA self-study manuals. Our self-study manuals are derived from our almost twenty years of Microsoft Excel training and software design experiences.
Microsoft Excel Training and Microsoft Excel VBA Workshop Skill Levels

Excel | Excel VBA Workshops Guide

View the skill levels required for all of our Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training. All of our Excel training is customized to our customers needs in class so you do not need to be an expert to take it.
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Beginning Excel

Beginning Microsoft Excel

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Intermediate Excel

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

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Advanced Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel

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Beginning Excel VBA

Beginning Excel VBA for Business

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Advanced Excel VBA

Advanced Excel VBA for Business

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Excel Data Processing

Excel Data Processing for Engineers and Scientists

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Beginning Excel VBA

Beginning Excel VBA Engineers for Engineers and Scientists

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Advanced Excel VBA

Advanced Excel VBA for Engineers and Scientists

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Intro to Excel VBA

Intro to Excel VBA

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Excel Dashboards

Microsoft Excel Dashboards

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Award Winning Microsoft Excel Software Design - Services

NASA AwardEMAGENIT creates award wining software in Microsoft Excel for NASA, The US NAVY, Caterpillar, Time Warner Cable and Northrup Grumman.

We can build just about anything in Microsoft Excel, but we specialize in advanced modeling, visual interfaces, data processing (data mining), report generation and dashboard construction. The harder the challenge, the happier we are. We love producing a solution when other companies said it could not be done. For example, our award for helping design the Mars Rover software in Excel.
Over the years, we have pushed Microsoft Excel software design to its limits providing tools for business, engineering and science related tasks. Along this journey, we have also realized that Microsoft Excel macros coupled with other design tools like Visual Basic .NET, Web ASP, JavaScript and other programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint allowed hybrid tools to be developed that were quick in design yet more powerful than using just Microsoft Excel macros alone. The idea is to use each environment's strengths and making them act as one seamless tool. At EMAGENIT, we do all of our programming in the US which means your proprietary information remains secure. We work continuously with businesses as well as the technical communities and we provide a life long guarantee so if something goes wrong down the road, we will always fix it. To learn more about our software design click here.

About Our Real World Microsoft Excel Training and Microsoft Excel VBA Training

Real World Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel VBA TrainingPronounced "Imagine-It", we specialize in Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training.

We have been providing Microsoft Excel training since 1998. We offer a wide variety of Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training workshops that take you from the beginning to the most advanced Excel power use. Our training experience includes companies and organizations like Time Warner, NASA JPL, Caterpillar, USDA, AMGEN, BMW, Lockheed, The US Air Force and The US Navy.

At EMAGENIT, we have been personalizing our training and problem solving since our very first day of business. Our innovative style of teaching provides you with the best hands on training in the industry. You will be amazed at how much you can learn in such a short amount of time. Our training programs are taught onsite at your workplace, through a live broadcast webinar you can come to one of our public workshops. Anytime you take a course from us, you can come back any time and retake it free, an exceptional value (free repeat details). To learn more about EMAGENIT click here.

Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Version 9.0

Microsoft Excel Add-Ins for Data Processing Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins have been redesigned and improved to tackle your rogue data and repetitive task Excel problems.

Our Microsoft Excel Add-Ins are designed to tackle the tough data problems and repetitive tasks that you encounter in Microsoft Excel. From automatically time stamping worksheets, to comparing different tables, to cleaning data so it can be used effectively on worksheets, they have you covered. If you have an idea after reading about our add-ins, click on the suggestion link and fill out the form. If we can use your idea, you get a free version of the software for as long as we make them. To view our list of Excel Add-Ins, click here.

Microsoft Excel Tip of the Week

Microsoft Excel Tip of the WeekOur Microsoft Excel tip of the week provides useful information that lets you work easier.

How to Clean Your Excel Text Data

When comparing text in different tables, looking for headers in a row and various other text tasks in Microsoft Excel, your data has to be pristine (uncorrupted) in order to work with. Microsoft Excel's various worksheet functions like MATCH, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, COUNTIF, SUMIF... depend upon your data having consistent characters. Just a tip, consistency in names is the number one killer in databases especially with multiple databases. The three heavy hitters that mess up your data are non-printable ASCIIs, spaces and rogue characters that are not supposed to be there like */().,- and so forth. There are three Microsoft Excel worksheet functions that can be used to deal with these problems. They are CLEAN, TRIM and SUBSITUTE. CLEAN gets rid of the non-printable ASCIIs. Non-printable ASCIIs occur after text in cells when converting text between different computer languages, operating systems and with programs that purposely output corrupted tables so you cannot move their data. They range between 0-31 of the ASCII table, you cannot see them, but they are there. When developing data crunching software for our customers, we encounter them about 60% of the time at some point in the project. The TRIM function removes leading and trailing edge spaces around text and standardizes the spacing between text to one space. Spaces by the way are the number one killer for a data program so beware of them as they effect everything text especially downloaded tables from databases. Substitute will get rid of any character in a piece of text without having to know its location which is a royal pain to figure out. You could use REPLACE but that requires you to know the position and number of characters which again is a royal pain. And if you cannot type the text in SUBSTITUTE to lookup, then use the CHAR function and the appropriate ASCII number for its second argument to generate the character that it needs. For example, you cannot type in " between two "" but you could use CHAR(34) to generate it.  Also with SUBSTITUTE, it is case sensitive so use LOWER to lower case your text being analyzed so you do not miss anything. UPPER and PROPER can be used to return the text back to its original format once the operation is completed. So here they are the way we use them, if you think you have a corrupted column of data or row, insert a blank one right next it, run these functions to clean the data, then do a paste special and copy and paste the values back over the originals and get rid of the extra column you just made. By the way, keep nesting the SUBSITUTE function for each rogue character you want to get rid of. You must know your data in order for you to get rid of the right characters. Also there are many variations of using these functions together.
2 Tom/ =PROPER( SUBSTITUTE( LOWER( A2 ) , "/" , "" ) )  
3 David   =TRIM(A3)  
4 Mary =TRIM( CLEAN(A4) )  
5 Jim*/ SUBSTITUTE( SUBSTITUTE( A5 , "/" , "" ) ) , "*" , "")  

SUBSTITUTE, TRIM and CLEAN Formula Examples

To learn more about capabilities like these, check out our Intermediate Microsoft Excel workshop.

To view our Tip of the Week log click here.

Microsoft Excel Resources Page - Free Help

Excel Resources PageOur Microsoft Excel Resources page provides useful information and tips about Microsoft Excel.

It discusses basic Excel operations like writing formulas, running worksheet functions, typing data and using worksheets. Also discussed is how to use our favorite worksheet functions in real life situations and the syntax behind writing them in formulas. Our resources page also discusses why you want to use Excel VBA (macros) in Excel and the basics behind its operation. To view our resources page click here.

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