Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training for Business Professionals

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training for Business Professionals

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training for Business Professionals

Our Intermediate Excel training shows you the skills that you need to start analyzing, processing and modeling business information.

Commonly referred to as our "Excel Formulas and Data Processing" workshop, our intermediate Excel training focuses on useful formula design for data processing and modeling; information transfer using cell and range names; using Excel's built-in range control features like data validation and conditional formatting; designing useful business forms; using worksheet functions like VLOOKUP, COUNTIF and SUMIF; and using Excel's data analysis tools and worksheet functions to analyze data on the worksheet. We even show you how to tie Excel into Word and PowerPoint for report generation tools. Read below and see how we can "Supercharge" your Excel formula and data analysis skills.

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Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training Description

Our 1-day hands-on intermediate Microsoft Excel training for business professionals gives you the essential Excel skills that apply to analyzing business information. Topics include cell and range naming, building formulas using functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF and IF; linking and managing worksheet information; organizing and analyzing worksheet data with Excel's data tools and functions; building professional charts; building basic pivot tables and pivot charts; cleaning worksheet text and working with text files; and linking Excel to other programs like Word and PowerPoint. Also discussed are the basics of creating models on the worksheet.

Key Skills Learned in Our Intermediate Excel Training

Key Skills You'll Learn in Our Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training

Key intermediate Excel skills learned:

Intermediate Excel Training Skill Requirements

Intermediate Excel Training Skill Requirements

Select this Excel training if you or your group have:

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training Topics Outline

Important: We focus our intermediate Excel training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our intermediate Excel training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.

Excel Worksheet Formula, Cell Naming and Sheet Linking Review

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training for Business Free Repeats

Using Data Validation to Control Your Worksheet Data Entry

Building Proper Tables on the Worksheet (Introduction to Using Excel Tables)

Useful Formatting and Form Construction on the Worksheet

Using Key Excel Worksheet Functions to Analyze Your Data

Function Basics

Intermediate Excel Online Course Details

How to Use Key Worksheet Functions That Lookup and Merge Table Data

Creating Logical Formulas in Excel

Logic Overview , Formula Syntax and Key Logic Worksheet Functions

How to Use Key Worksheet Functions That Use Logic to Process and Summarize Your Worksheet Data

Using the Group, Advance Filter and Sort Tools on Your Worksheet Tables

Using Conditional Formatting to Flag Your Data

Analyzing Text on the Worksheet Using Functions and Text Wizard

Creating Business Charts

How to Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts on the Worksheet

Linking Excel with Word and PowerPoint

Intermediate Excel Training Details

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