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Welcome to EMAGENIT (pronounced "Emagine-IT"). We specialize in training and software design that makes your life easier and more productive in Microsoft Excel. Whether it is learning about the basics of Excel, crunching data, or pushing Excel past the redline, we cover it all.
Excel Training Options
Excel Class Guide

Excel Class Guide

All of our Microsoft Excel classes in one place so you can compare them. Learn More >

Excel Training Schedule

Excel Training Schedule

View our hands-on, small class, Excel in person and virtual training dates. Learn More >

Excel Virtual Learning

Excel Virtual Training

Learn about our live, hands-on, online Microsoft Excel virtual training. Learn More >

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Excel Onsite Training

Learn about how we can provide Excel training live at your business or virtually. Learn More >

Excel In-Person Training

Excel Public Training

Learn about our hands-on Microsoft Excel public training you attend. Learn More >

Excel Self-Study Manuals

Excel Self Study Manuals

Learn about our Excel self-study manuals loaded with Excel know how. Learn More >

Excel US Military

Excel Training for US Military

Our training shows the military how to rapidly create adaptive Excel tools. Learn More >

Excel Consulting & Software
Excel Consulting

Microsoft Excel Consulting

Our Microsoft Excel consulting can super charge your existing Excel projects both small and large. Learn More >

Mars Rover Project

NASA Excel VBA Project

Learn about how we helped design Excel software for the NASA Mars Rover in both Excel for Windows and Mac. Learn More >

Excel VBA Programming

Excel VBA Software Design

Our Excel VBA software design covers projects both small and large and helps you solve problems at the click of a button. Learn More >

EMAGENIT Newsletter

EMAGENIT Newsletter

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