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Interfacing Excel VBA with Fortran Manual

Interface Excel VBA Fortran

Covers Fortran DLL code design and how to run them from Excel VBA and the worksheet.

Manual specs.

For:Engineers and Scientists
Format:ADOBE PDF and Excel Files as zip file download
Details:Covers beginning to advanced Excel VBA topics including Fortran
Book:1600+ pages with examples
Platform: Windows 7 and above
Sent:Sent within 3 hr after purchase Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM PT
Versions: Excel 2010 for Windows and above

What's in our manual.

Our 1600+ page Excel VBA / Fortran manual covers how to create Fortran DLLs that run from with Excel VBA models, UIs, and data tools. It discusses how to call Fortran from VBA procedures and events and User Defined Worksheet Functions run from formulas. Also discussed are the key essentials for VBA / Fortran routine communication: compiler directives, declare statements, passing conventions, data types, passing arrays, passing strings, passing numbers and passing text files. Our manual also shows how to convert existing Fortran programs to a DLL standard and also provides a full write-up on beginning through advanced Excel VBA topics along with program interface design.

Excel VBA Fortran Examples

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Key Excel VBA Fortran topics covered in the manual.

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