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Excel Data Analysis for Engineers / Scientists Class

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis for Engineers and Scientists Training

Next Class: 9/09/2022

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Learn about Excel's amazing abilities to integrate and analyze engineering / science data using its querying, functions, pivottables, and data tools.

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How our class can help you.

Our 1-day class shows you how to take command of Excel's data analysis tools, functions, and charts and use them to rapidly process and visualize your data.

It covers essential topics like using functions, logic, and filters on your data, table construction, charts, and reporting data with Pivot Tables. It also covers unique topics like how to combine text values, parse date times, curve fit chart data, and build array formulas to analyze complex datasets and lookups.

You'll also discover how to use Power Query and Excel tables to make adaptive reports that automatically import data, shape it, calculate it, and chart it at the click of a refresh button.

Join us and our class will show you how to quickly combine Excel's critical data elements into tools that will save you time and effort.

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Key Excel data analysis topics covered in class.

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Detailed class syllabus.

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How we run the class: We focus our Excel class on what our customers need. When class begins, we analyze those needs and shift our training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two classes are ever the same with EMAGENIT.

Data Analysis Problem Construction on the Worksheet

Building Tables, Filtering / Sorting Data, and Using the Analysis Toolpak

Using Conditional Formatting / Data Validation to Flag and Control Data

Chart Design, Curve Fitting, and Controlling Chart Views with Slicers

Creating and Using Key Worksheet Functions to Analyze Data

Looking Up Data in Worksheet Tables 

Importing Text Files and Analyzing Worksheet Text Data with Functions

Using Logic to Summarize, Count, and Analyze Worksheet Data

Using PivotTables to Analyze Engineering and Science Data

Using Array Formulas to Analyze Complex Engineering and Science Data Patterns

Using Power Query to Access and Shape External Engineering and Science Data

Linking Excel with Word and PowerPoint to Build Dynamic Reports

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Excel skills needed for our class.

Select this training if you or your group have:

  • Controlled workbooks, worksheets, and entered worksheet data
  • Copied and pasted worksheet data
  • Performed basic cell formatting tasks like coloring a cell, bolding, aligning,...
  • Used cell and range references like A1 or A1:A10 in formulas
  • Built formulas like =.5*0.002377 *A1^2
  • Used basic worksheet functions like SUM, MAX, MIN...

The class details.

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Business Hours: 8:30 - 5:00 PM PT

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