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*Our live, hands-on, instructor led Excel online training is running as scheduled above. Excel in person training will hopefully resume in the near future.

Learn the essential Excel skills that you need to succeed in business today.

Our beginning Excel training will show you the basics of Excel like workbook and worksheet control, worksheet formatting, problem layout, data entry, copying / pasting, sorting, basic charts, basic formula design and much more.

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Our 1-day hands-on beginning Microsoft Excel training for business professionals shows you the fundamentals of using Excel like entering data, autofills, flash fills, worksheet formatting, drawing, copying and pasting, basic formula construction, basic functions and more. It not only teaches you the basics of Microsoft Excel but the thinking and mechanics of how to apply it to your everyday problems. Excel for Mac users welcome.

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Our beginning Microsoft Excel training syllabus.

Important: We focus our beginning Excel training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our beginning Excel training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.

Microsoft Excel Program Review

Beginning Excel Overview of Controlling Excel Workbooks and Worksheets

What Excel Beginners Need to Know About Typing Data in Worksheet Cells

How to Format Worksheets

Beginning Excel Guide to Using Drawing Shapes and Pictures on the Worksheet

How to Create Proper Tables on the Worksheet

Creating Beginning Excel Formulas on the Worksheet

Creating and Running Beginning Excel Worksheet Functions on the Worksheet

Using Sort, AutoFilter, Subtotal and Remove Duplicates to Analyze Worksheet Data

Beginning Excel Methods for Creating Basic Charts

Need to Know Beginning Excel Methods for Copying and Pasting Data Including Paste Special

How to Print in Microsoft Excel

The details about our Beginning Excel training.

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Excel-Aided Engineering Self Study
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