Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training for Business Professionals

Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training

Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training for Business Professionals

Our beginning Microsoft Excel VBA training for business professionals gives you the essential Excel VBA programming skills that you need to start developing useful data processing and analytical tools for your business right away.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, macros) can be used in conjunction with Excel to construct automated business tools. VBA, a general purpose programming language, comes standard with Excel or Office. Using Excel VBA, powerful business analysis tools can be developed quickly and with minimum cost. Our training covers the fundamentals of Excel VBA programming and how it applies in real world situations.

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Beginning Excel VBA Training Description

Our 2-day hands-on live beginning Microsoft Excel VBA training for business provides a full review of the Excel VBA language and shows you how to use VBA to control essential Excel elements that are vital to business. Our training starts off with the basics of programming covering VBA terminology, procedures, statements and how to use the VBA Editor. It then discusses how to use variables, logic, expressions, functions and other VBA programming elements to construct simple programs. After the basics have been introduced, our training discusses in detail how to use Excel VBA to command key Excel program elements like worksheets, workbooks, cells, ranges, charts and pivot tables. It also discusses the basics of using Excel VBA to control common Excel tasks like reading and writing to cells, copying and pasting data, sorting and filtering data, adding and deleting rows and columns, running Excel worksheet \ VBA functions, and worksheet formatting. After these programming elements have been discussed, our training then shows how to use loops and logic to tie everything discussed together to form useful data processing programs.

Beginning Excel VBA Training Time and Location (Public Event and Live Online)

The public event location for our beginning Excel VBA training is Thousand Oaks, CA. Our training starts at 8:30 AM PT and runs to 4:30 PM PT. Thousand Oaks is in the vicinity of Simi Valley, CA; Oxnard, CA; Ventura, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Carpentaria, CA; Calabasas, CA; Agoura Hills, CA; Studio City, CA; Sherman Oaks, CA; Encino, CA; Woodland Hills, CA; Westwood, CA, Santa Paula, CA; Valencia, CA; Santa Monica, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Counties within driving range of Thousand Oaks are Ventura county, Santa Barbara county, Los Angeles county and Orange county. Anything farther, it is recommended you stay the night before. Our beginning Excel VBA training is also held online live and broadcast all over the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We can also broadcast to your company over the web as an onsite anywhere in the world or travel to your company for an onsite. Our onsites are conducted all over the US, Canada and Europe.

Key Skills Learned in Our Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training

Key Skills You'll Learn in Our Beginning Excel VBAl Training

Key Excel VBA skills learned:

Beginning Excel VBA Training Skill Requirements

Beginning Excel VBA Training Skill Requirements

Select this Excel VBA training if you or your group have:

Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training Topics Outline

Important: We focus our beginning Excel VBA training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our beginning Excel VBA training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.


Visual Basic Editor and VBA Terminology Review

Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training for Business Free Repeats

Excel VBA Program and Language Review

Creating Formulas and Using Functions in Your Excel VBA Code (Expression Overview)

Beginning Excel VBA Online Course Details

Controlling Cells and Ranges Using Excel VBA

Controlling Workbooks and Worksheets Using VBA


How to Create Basic Dashboards That Run Your Excel VBA Programs

Using Arrays in Excel VBA

Control Key Excel Data Tools Using Excel VBA

Using VBA For...Next loops and Logic to Analyze Worksheet Data and Arrays

Using VBA For...Each Next loops to Find Workbooks and Worksheets

The Basics of Controlling Charts Using Excel VBA

Introduction to Controlling Other Applications Using Excel VBA

Beginning Microsoft Excel VBA Training Details

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Beginning Excel VBA Training Contact Information

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