Excel VBA Data Analysis for Engineers and Scientists

Excel VBA Data Analysis for Engineers and Scientists

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Turn Excel into a data processing machine and stop wasting days assembling engineering and science reports!

  Learn to design scalable Excel VBA data tools that analyze, format, integrate, chart, and report data from multiple sources, files, and folders.

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Class overview.

What makes our training different?

Our 2-day class  shows you how to couple Excel's "off-the-shelf" data capabilities with VBA to build adaptive scalable data tools for engineering and science. It focuses on using key Excel / VBA elements together to rapidly calculate, reorganize, format, chart, and report various types of engineering and science data.

It also demonstrates how to create high-powered report tools that process, integrate, and chart data stored in multiple folders, databases, text files, and workbooks.

Also discussed is how to use VBA to read stacked non-standard worksheet / text file datasets and how to automatically email reports to your associates using VBA and Outlook. Join us and we will show you all you need to know to turn Excel and VBA into a rapid data processing machine that meets your specific needs.

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Some key topics we cover in class.

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Class syllabus and training options.

How we run the class:

We focus our training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.

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Excel VBA Language and Editor Review for Engineers and Scientists (Discussed Where Needed)

Using Functions in VBA to Analyze and Calculate Engineering / Science Data

Controlling Workbooks, Worksheets, Folders, and Files with Excel VBA

Automating and Looping Excel's Data Tools for Large Scale Data Processing

Dynamically Shaping and Formatting Engineering / Science Worksheet Tables

Building Loops and Logic to Analyze Complex Engineering / Science Datasets

Using Excel VBA to Build, Fill, and Lookup Data in Engineering / Science Report Tables


Controlling and Processing Text Data with Excel VBA

Using VBA, SQL, and ADO to Control / Integrate Database, Workbook, and Text file Data

Filtering and Integrating Data Using VBA and Excel's Query Tools

Large Scale Multi-Workbook, Worksheet, and Text File Processing Using VBA

Building Automated Chart Reports with Excel VBA

Designing Worksheet UIs to Control Your Data Tools and Email Your Reports

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