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Excel Dashboard Design Class for Business and Industry

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Training

Next Class: 8/29/2022

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Learn to assemble Excel's "pre-made" features to create powerful hi-tech business / industry dashboards that integrate, analyze, and visualize data.

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How our training can help you.

Our 3-day workshop shows you how to create adaptive Excel dashboards that allow you to interact with and visualize your data in innovative ways.

It will show you the Excel components you need to analyze and integrate your dashboard data like key functions, filters, links, Excel tables, Power Query, and UIs. Then it will show you how to build various dashboard elements that you can organize to display your strategic, tactical, analytical… information.

Join us and we'll show you how to put all the Excel pieces together to produce that hi-tech dashboard that fits your exact needs.

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Key Excel dashboard topics covered.

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Detailed training syllabus.

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How we run the class: We focus our training on what our customers need. When training begins, we analyze those needs and shift our training outline appropriately. We will stress topics or add topics that our customers want. No two training sessions are ever the same with EMAGENIT.


Dashboard Formula Design, Using Names, and Linking Data

Storing, Filtering, and Referencing Your Dashboard Data

Designing Logic Formulas for Your Excel Dashboard

Processing Date, Time, and Text Data

Designing UIs to Control Your Dashboard Formulas and Displays

Using Dynamic Names to Track Dashboard Data

Using Table Lookups to Access and Display Your Dashboard Data


Using Power Query to Access, Integrate, and Shape Your External Data

Dashboard Type, KPI, and Metric Review

Summarizing, Counting, and Analyzing Dashboard Data Using Logic

Using Array Formulas to Analyze Complex Dashboard Data

How to Use Linked Drawing Shapes and Pictures to Build Adaptive Dashboard Displays

Chart Construction, Formatting, and Constructs for Excel Dashboards


Creating Speedometer, Linear, and Doughnut Gauges for Your Dashboards

Using Conditional Formatting to Build Various Status and Project / Timeline Displays

Building Milestone Charts for Your Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboard Design Strategies for Map Construction

Using Pivot Charts and PivotTables in Your Excel Dashboards

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Excel skills needed for our training.

Select this Excel training if you or your group have:

  • Constructed general worksheet formulas like =A1+A2
  • Constructed cell references and range references like A1 or A1:A10
  • Used worksheet functions like SUM, MAX, MIN...before
  • Used Microsoft Excel's data tools before
  • Formatted a worksheet before
  • Built charts and drawing shapes

The training details.

If you need to contact us about our training.

Phone Number: 1.805.498.7162

Business Hours: 8:30 - 5:00 PM PT

You can email us at info@emagenit.com >

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