What is a Microsoft Excel Worksheet?

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What is a Microsoft Excel Worksheet?

Worksheet and Formula Tutorial

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Presented below is an introduction to the Excel worksheet.

An Excel worksheet is where you type data and formulas in cells. It is also where you can place charts, pictures, drawing shapes, ActiveX controls, external data ranges,...etc.

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Overview

A worksheet contains rows and columns and is designated by a tab in an Excel workbook file. A worksheet is comprised of cells that are arranged in a grid like pattern. A worksheet cell is formed by the intersection of a row and column. Worksheet cells can store data and perform calculations using formulas. When typing information on an Excel worksheet, cells are referred to by their row and column index. For example, if you wanted to tell a user to type in the cell next to Price in the picture below you would say type in cell B1.

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Example

Simple Worksheet with Cells Containing Data and Formulas.

In addition to just basic data storage and calculations, a worksheet can also contain charts, pictures, drawing shapes, Conditional Formatting, ActiveX controls...etc. These elements float above the Excel worksheet and can be moved around using the mouse cursor. All of these elements can fused together to make very impressive dashboards in Excel.

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Dashboard

Dashboard on an Excel Worksheet with Charts, Drawing Shapes, Formulas and Conditional Formatting

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